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Training Videos shared from YouTube, that we approve of the training methods being used.

Training tips, exercises and commands for you and your puppy.



Crate training -  Make sure your new puppy's crate is not to small, as this will cause unnecessary anxiety for your puppy. Purchase an adult size wire crate and make sure it comes  with a divider to reduce the size if needed. If the divider is needed, please make sure it is installed properly for safety.

1) To help your puppy prepare for crate training we always recommend purchasing a Snuggle Puppy ($40.00)  for your puppy to come home with, the Snuggle Puppy will be scented with your puppy's litter mates scent.

2) Have the family member that will be primarily  (feeding, potty training, walking...) and caring for the puppy, sleep overnight in an Adult sized T Shirt. This will transfer your scent onto the T Shirt the best. Once the shirt has been scented place the T shirt in the the crate along with the Puppy & Snuggle Puppy. The T Shirt and Snuggle puppy can be wash in the wash machine and dried if or when needed. The shirt or a different one can be re-scented as needed. The Snuggle Puppy will then be used as a sleeping buddy or toy for them. If your puppy were to ever start chewing on the shirt, remove it for safety. Having a scent that your puppy is familiar with is normally soothing and comforting for them.

3) Feed your puppy in their crate for positive reinforcement. (Remove the scented T shirt while while they are eating) Take your puppy out to go potty immediately after eating.

4) Warm Rice Sock can be soothing to your puppy as well. Purchase a 1 or 2 pairs of mens heavy over the calf socks, purchase a bag of cheap plain uncooked white rice and purchase a few plastic zip ties. Place approximately 1 1/2 cups of the uncooked rice inside the sock, right above the heal of the sock place the zip tie tightly to secure the rice inside the sock, cut away any extra length left on the zip tie, now take the top of the sock and fold it down over the foot part of the sock, creating a double layer and making it so the zip tie is now not accessible for  the puppy to chew on.

When putting your puppy to bed, warm the rice sock in the microwave for about 1 - 2 minutes (once warm, carefully test the temperature by holding the sock in your hand to make sure it's not to warm, place under the puppy's crate bedding on one side only. Note: The rice socks can be re-warmed many times in the microwave, when warming the rice if it would begin to smell a bit like burn popcorn, its time to toss that rice sock and make a new one. 

Greeting people calmly - Puppies can learn how to greet people calmly pretty young, however please keep in mind the person meeting your puppy must greet them joyful but calm. 1) What not to do,  let's say Aunt Susie has met your new puppy several times and comes to visit, enters the door bends over to greet the puppy with an excited high pitched baby talking voice as she tickles the puppy with her finger tips sharing affection and excitement.  Many puppies would likely greet her with excitement, jumping, spinning, mouthing her hands or cloths as she tickles the puppy with affection and excitement, your puppy may even piddle a bit from this excitement. While other puppies would hear and sense her excitement and run the opposite direction, wanting nothing to do with her until she's sharing calmness mentally and physically. 

To be continued.....

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