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Please be sure to read over our
How to Adopt page
All serious inquiries please fill out our
Puppy Adoption Questionnaire
This page was last updated Feb. 6th, 2024

Please note - Puppies marked as pending breeders choice can become available at anytime,  please check back soon or reach out to us for updates.

Magnolia X Mac
Puppies Arrived  - Dec. 14th 2023
Ready to come home Feb. 11th 2024
Multi-Generation  Mini 
est. size 30-40 pounds
Apricot - Red solids and Abstracts 
Wavy & Straight  Coats 
$3000. - $3500.

   3 Boys & 2 Girls


Magnolia - Mom 40 Pounds

Magnolia x Mac
1) Breeder Choice pending

2) Available
3) Available
4) Available
5) Available


Mac  - Dad 16 Pounds

Both parents are OFA & DNA tested

  • Hips - Normal

  • Elbows- Normal

  • Cardiac - Normal

  • Patellas - Normal

  • Eyes - Normal

 3 Males Available


Male - "Eric" Available


Male - "Sebastian" Available


Male - "Scuttle" Available

2 Females - (2 Available)


Female - "Ursula" Available


Female - "Ariel" Available

Libby X Ruger
Bred Nov 2023
Litter expected in - Jan 2024
Ready to come home - March 2024
Multi-Generation  Mini 
est. size 
27-35 pounds
Apricot - Red solids, Abstracts & Parti 
Curly,Wavy & Straight  Coats 


Libby  - Mom 34 pounds

Libby x Ruger
1) Breeder Choice pending

2) Breeder Choice pending
3) Available
4) Available
5) Available


Ruger  - Dad 32 pounds

Both parents are OFA & DNA tested

  • Hips - Normal

  • Elbows- Normal

  • Cardiac - Normal

  • Patellas - Normal

  • Eyes - Normal

3 Females - 3 Males

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For all serious inquiries.
Please read over our adoption policy  and submit the puppy questionnaire.
We will then call you to answer any question you may have, we are normally able to respond to you within 3-5 business days of receiving your Puppy Questionnaire. If you haven't received a call within 5 days please reach back out to us via email.
It's very helpful to have a list of your questions written down, to assure we are able to answer them all for you. 

Thanks, Robin, Jessica Carrie and Mitch

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Goldendoodles - $2000. - $3500. Price is based on Size, Color and Markings
Bernedoodles - $2000.- $3500.  Pricing is based on Size, Color & Markings
AKC Miniature Poodles - $1500.- $2000. 
AKC Miniature Poodles only - Breeding rights  available to approved, experienced, responsible & Health testing breeders only.

Please check back as our Breeder Choice puppies can become available once the puppies are old enough for us to determine which puppy/puppies if any we will be keeping. We are excited to talk with you to share more about us and our available puppies that will be ready to go home very soon and our upcoming litters.  Think first, what is your normal routine in life, work, school, sports, activities, commitments and responsibility . Then ask yourself, would or will you have the time and money for the puppy's, veterinary appointments, grooming appointments, exercising and TRAINING  - short walks, playtime, socialization, obedience classes (Group style classes will benefit your puppy the most)
( Obedience classes are normally one hour in length once a week for 6 weeks and should include multiple 6 week sessions which we highly recommended) 10-15 minute practice  training sessions at home EVERY DAY. Purchase Baxster & Bella online training and live phone and video call help.
 Puppies and dogs require much more time, love, training and socialization than a fresh bowl of food and water.   Many dogs can develop separation anxiety, due to the lack of training, lack of socialization, lack of worldliness (meeting and greeting new people & dogs, and new environments, visual and auditory stimulation).  The lack of this could develop unwanted behaviors or unwanted phobias, such as anxiety, fearfulness of the unknown, stress, resource guarding and more. It is your responsibility and obligation to your puppy.
 Some will go on to blame their breeders for selling them an unsound temperament or bad behaviors based on genetics.

  It takes devoted time and a creative families that trains and interacts correctly to raise a puppy into a well behaved, loving, socialized and well rounded adult dog. 
We will only be responding to families that have followed the following steps to be considered for adopting one of our puppies.
1) Read over our website, we have poured our time, passion, experience and devotion into it,
for you to have a knowledgeable experience throughout our website.
2) Read all linked pages under our Adoption and Policies tab. A) How to Adopt Policies B) Pet sales contract C) Puppy Adoption Questionnaire D) Puppy Pick Up E) Families with Allergies
F) Snuggle Puppies.
3) If you feel you are still very interested in adopting a Keepsake Puppy, fill out and submit our online Puppy Adoption Questionnaire, Please include details about what your day to day life.
( Work, School, Sports, Travel, Activity, responsibilities and commitments away from home.
I mean this in the kindest way, however we are spending countless hours on the phone with families that have not read any information or details provided on our website.

  We feel if your not willing to take the time to get to know your breeder, their morals and their breeding ethics. Not to mention that we are a normal family with Kids, Grand Kids, Multi dog households, attend Obedience training classes on a regular basis, attend UKC dog shows and very busy with our moms & puppies.

Once we receive your Questionnaire, we will reach out to you via email, text or phone.


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