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Our planned Bernedoodle litters 2022

This page was last updated on Sept. 8th, 2022

Molly x Joey
F1b Petite/Mini Bernedoodles
Expected adult weight 25-35 pounds 
Puppies are due to arrive Sept. 27th 2022
Will ready to go home around Nov. 22nd 2022
Black Tri and Bi colors 


Molly - F1 black tri color

Molly x Joey
1) Breeders Choice
2) Breeders Choice
3) Available
4) Available
5) Available


Molly's pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound


Joey - AKC Miniature (Bi) Phantom Poodle

 All Photography is the sole property of Keepsake Doodles and are not to be copied, edited, screenshot or shared.

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