We have recently needed to make some temporary changes to our adoption policy/process.

Some of you may know that my father became very ill in July 2020.  I'm very sad to share that we lost him on August 5th 2020. It was my father wishes for me to settle his estate near Houston, TX. Which will require us to travel to Texas over the next 4-6 months for short periods of time. Just as we felt that 2020 couldn't get any worse, my mom began to not feel well and was seen by multiple specialist. Once the test results came back, we were given some very heartbreaking news. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer. The doctors told us that her diagnosis was terminal and the cancer is very aggressive. Thankfully, myself and other family members only live several miles away and can spend time with her and can help out.Though this is something we felt as a family could be kept personal, we wanted our current and upcoming puppy families who are adopting a puppy from us to know that we will be unable to do phone interviews at this time. Our Puppy Questionnaire has been modified to reflect many more of the questions that we would normally go over in our phone interview. Most questions you may have should be answered on our website, if not please send us an email at 


We please ask for your understanding and patience during this very difficult time for us. I can assure you that nothing has changed as to the care of our dogs & puppies. We have been receiving an overwhelming number of adoption questionnaires, text messages, phone calls and emails.

It's taking us longer than normal to respond to all the applicants and messages. We are asking at this time to please email only, with any questions. Below will be a list of our new process to be placed on any upcoming litter.

1) Review our website thoroughly - You should find the answer to most of your questions on our website. 

2) Read over our Adoption Policy page - There are a couple of temporary changes as follows. 

a) We are not able to do a detailed phone interview at this time. b) Please make all correspondences via email.

3) If you have any other questions please email us at keepsakedoodles@gmail.com

4) We now have a Master Waiting list for upcoming litters rather than individual waiting lists for each litter. You can still express which litter or litters you would prefer. We will let you know if we feel there's availability on that litter.

We have changed to using a Master Waiting list, because occasionally a breeding may not result in pregnancy and the families on that litter would then have to wait till our next availability, which could be many months. Now we base it off of the order in which we receive deposits, the time frame your family would like to adopt, generation, size, sex, color and coat preferences (If any). Keep in mind the more specific color, generation, coat type or sex your looking for the longer you may have to be patient to wait for just the right puppy/litter. We have NOT changed our policy as to matching the puppies personality to that of your family. We make puppy selections at 7 weeks of age with no exceptions. We reserve the right to keep back any puppy or puppies in a litter at anytime for our breeding program. 

5) If you would like to move forward in placing a deposit to go on our Master Waiting list, please complete and submit our online Puppy Adoption Questionnaire. Once we have received it, we will then email you the deposit paperwork to be placed on the Master waiting list. All deposits are non-refundable, so please give this a lot of thought.

6) Please follow our Facebook page for updates, we will share once each pregnancy has been confirmed, along with an ultrasound picture. We also update our website on each litter that pregnancy has been confirmed. If mom is not pregnant, we will reach out to you to let you know. You would then remain on the Master Waiting list for our next availability, in the order of your deposit and wishes. 

7) Once the puppies have been born, we will share a litter announcement and picture with the families on the master waiting list for that litter. You will be given 24 hours to decide if you would like to get a puppy from that litter or wait for a future litter. We will then email you the Holding Deposit paperwork. Holding deposits must be received with in three days, if not we will move to the next family on the master waiting list. 

We accept PayPal - Friends & Family, Venmo, Zelle or a personal check for deposits (must be overnighted).

8) Once a litter is born we normally do pictures every 7-10 days.  However, with our current circumstances pictures will be done every 10-14 days. As a reminder we Do Not do any puppy selections prior to 7 weeks of age.  This has always been our policy and will remain our policy. 

9) We are not doing any business during evening, weekends or holidays.  This is our time with our dogs and family, we would appreciate everyone's understanding.  

I share this with the kindest intentions, We have recently experienced several families having a difficult time following our adoption policy once the litter has arrived, that their family has been waiting for. For example, "we want that puppy only". We understand that this is a very exciting time for your family and it should be. However please don't let your children or yourself fall in love with a particular puppy in the litter. Our number ONE goal as your breeder is to make sure the puppy's personality matches your family's personality, lifestyle, home and yard size and energy. For example, not every puppy would do well living in the inner city like NY, Chicago, Washington DC. Why?  Because big cities can also come with lots of noises, hard surfaces and can be very hussle bussle. This can be to much auditory or visual stimulation for some particular puppies at 8 weeks of age and others would do wonderful with the right guidance. It's our responsibility and duty as your breeder to match a puppy with your family, that we feel will prosper in life, together with your family. We don't have a magical wand to make them be perfect adolescents or adults. This is why matching is so important to us, will you as the puppy's new family have the right personality, patience, time, commitment, devotion, training & techniques...... to lead the puppy into being a loving, well mannered, well rounded and behaved canine good citizen? Our dream is to get your family and your puppy off to the best start. We want to see our families and puppies achieve these goals, each and every one. Will there be hiccups along the way? Sure!  

Please bare with us as we go through this very difficult family time.  We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

If you have not received a response within 5 business days, please contact us again via email. 

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