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Choosing your Groomer

Grooming clipart pic1.jpg
Grooming clipart pic1.jpg

1) Get references from family, friends and neighbors. Ask about their experiences, inter-actions and pro's n con's with the groomer and staff. Take reviews into consideration like Google and Facebook.

2) We recommend a private groomer rather than a big box store that offers grooming. For example: Pets Smart, Pet Co, Pet Supply Plus, or any other similar facility. 

3) A MUST- make sure you are using a groomer that is experienced in plucking ear hair. Doodles depending on their coat type can and will grow mild to moderate amounts of hair in their ear canal, if this is not routinely maintained your dog will most likely experience ear infections.  A MUST- please do not allow your groomer to express your puppy/dog's anal glands, this is something that should be done by your veterinarian on an as needed basis. Most dogs that need their anal glands expressed will scoot their bums across the floor. If anal glands are expressed by a courtesy on an on going basis, this may cause trauma over time to the glands which can cause potential complications to the glands later in life. 

4) Please make sure that your puppy is vaccinated, including Bordetella also known as kennel cough vaccine at least two weeks prior to going to the groomer.

5) A Goldendoodle will require regular professional grooming, on average every 6 to 8 weeks maximum. Keep in mind this will depend on your doodles coat type, density and curl. We recommend that keeping your doodle in a puppy cut is best for hygiene and coat maintenance. 

6) Some groomers are not experienced in grooming doodles, please take photos with you to share with the groomer. Keep in mind, depending on your doodles style of coat the groomer may not be able to achieve that exact groom. If you ever need examples based on your puppy's coat type, we would be happy to help. 

7) To prevent tangling and matting it is imperative that you are brushing and combing between grooms at home. It is not recommended that you bathe your dog at home and let them air dry as this promotes tangling in a doodles coat. If a doodle becomes to tangled or matted your groomer will have no humane choice other than to shave your dogs coat very short to regrow.

Note - We have many years of experience in AKC Show dogs and have been owner groomers as well as professional groomers from our home.  Please reach out to us for any other grooming related questions.

Grooming clipart pic1.jpg
Grooming clipart pic1.jpg
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