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Our recommended Puppy Nanny Service

We would like to first start out by educating you about general Puppy transportation services available.

1) Nanny Service by air - Puppy flies in cabin with the Nanny. The Nanny is with the puppy at all times and is knowledgeable about traveling safely, such as not using any common potty areas while traveling and soothing the puppy to minimize stress during their travels together. Flight Nanny's are more of a private service, though occasionally will fly with two puppies from the same breeder. Most flight nanny's work with their own set group of breeders.

2) Ground transportation Nanny's - Ground transportation is a more of a public service. Meaning there could be for example 5 - 20 other puppies picked up from various breeders for delivery to their new homes along the ground transport nanny's route. Ground transport can take several days for your puppy to arrive. We personally feel this can be sometimes very stressful to a puppy. We also are concerned about all the puppies traveling are healthy and free of anything contagious illnesses. 

3) Flying Cargo - Most airlines offer a climate controlled and air pressurized area for all animals flying in cargo. However all animals are required to be dropped off at the airport 1-2 hours before the flight leaves, there are risks with layovers, change overs (animals can be accidently be transferred to the wrong flight) cancellations and we worry about the puppy becoming stressed or god for bid the puppy being put on the wrong flight.  


 Our recommended Flight Nanny is Amanda

Amanda is an airline stewardess by profession and the best Puppy Nanny we've ever had the pleasure working with. She's has always done a wonderful job. The Nanny fee covers the Nanny's time and your puppy's flight ticket. Amanda flies on standby seats that are available and can only confirm there are seats still available close to the travel date. Plans can change due to flight delays, flights cancellations, changes due to Covid19 restrictions or unavailability of seating.

Though this rarely happens it's still a POSSIBILITY.

Amanda normally contacts you the day before planned travel time. 

Eastern US - $450.00     Western US - $550.00

Nanny fee must be paid in cash only upon delivery to receive your puppy.

 Our other recommendations would be for you personally fly to Cleveland Hopkins Int. or Akron Canton Airport to meet us to pick up your puppy.


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