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Snuggle Puppies

At Keepsake we feel its important to make the transition for your puppy as stress free as possible.  We have found and come to love the Snuggle Puppies from Smart Pet.  Each Snuggle is scented with your puppies littermates and sent home to help make the transition easier.  The cost is $40.00 for each Puppy.  Please let us know if you wish to purchase one for your puppy..


Brown and White





Training tip: If your puppy still seems a bit uneasy in their crate or confined area with their snuggle puppy.

Try this tip - (who ever in your family is the puppy's primary care giver) have that person sleep with a t-shirt on overnight, then take the t-shirt and place it in the puppy's crate or confined area, many times this will help soothe your puppy.

Why? because they are now quickly becoming bonded to your family and the puppy is most likely fussing because they want to be with you. Allowing them to lay on your shirt help makes them feel safe and comfy. Puppies lay on top of one anther by nature to keep warmth, soothe and to feel safe.

Caution! Please keep a close eye to make sure your puppy doesn't chew on the t-shirt. If the puppy chews or rips it, remove the t-shirt as it could become a choking hazard.  

Please do not put your puppy in bed with you, nor do you want to make a bed for yourself next to your puppy's crate or confined area. Everyone needs good sleep including your family and the puppy.

Putting your puppies crate in a family members bedroom is fine, as long as the puppy is not disrupting their sleep other than for a quick potty break. If you think your puppy needs to go potty in the middle of the night, quietly carry them out don't talk or engage the puppy. If the puppy is successful while your out a quick "that a good girl or boy" will be sufficient. Quietly carry and return the puppy and yourself to bed. Why do we do this quietly and not enthusiastically? Because the puppy will now be happy, wide awake and ready to go, they will then return to their crate to awaken everyone in the house to get up "it's time to play and get some affection not sleeping time".   If the puppy is sleeping DO NOT set an alarm clock to get up to let them out in the middle of the night. "Let sleeping babies lie"

  Please give a lot of thought before placing the puppy's crate in one your children's bedrooms, we know the kids are very excited about having a new puppy. HOWEVER if the puppy would need to go out in the night or become fussy. 1) I don't think your going to want to send your child out into the darkness with the puppy for a potty break. 2) Puppy's love children and the puppy may get excited enough to not go back to sleep easily. 

3) Lets face it most teenagers love their sleep, we don't want them looking at the puppy with their pillow over their head and saying "really not again, can I just sleep please":) not that they wouldn't get the job done quietly and quickly.

 Once your puppy is fully house broken, crate trained and not chewing on anything about the house anymore. Then your dog could enjoy the company of a bedroom, in a bed of their own on the floor next to the humans bed. Why? For some of the same reasons our children do not sleep with us forever. Self-confidence, Independence, manners, everyone gets a good nights sleep and helps to avoid separation anxieties.

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