Meet our available Guardian Dogs and Puppies

This page was updated on 1/4/2021

All available Guardians have been raised in our homes or with their breeder around adults, children and other dogs (puppies and adults), crate trained (age appropriate). Our dogs are crated for breakfast, dinner, overnight and while we are away from home. They spend a great deal of their time out and about the house with us in our homes. Everyone is current on vaccines and are all microchipped. Our dogs are bathed and groomed regularly so they become pros and many even enjoy their spa days.  

Available to Guardian Homes Only, none of the puppies pictured below are available to purchase

Please visit our Guardian pages to learn more about becoming a

Guardian Family

aka "Ripley" is an AKC Large Miniature Male Poodle with a wonderful Black Phantom abstract coat. Ripley is a wonderful puppy, he's playful, kind, quiet, cuddly and loves everyone including his canine buddies. We are currently working on his house training and will begin his leash training soon.

Poodles are the 2nd most intelligent AKC breed, they love to learn and explore with you. They are like learning sponges, poodles love to cuddle and have couch time with you. However its very important for them to be learning, for example tricks, fun indoor and outdoor exercises, stimulating walks in the park, spending time with your family and friends and getting some fellow safe canine playtime in as well.


aka "Lexie" is an Mini/Small Medium with a beautiful Red coat. Lexie is a wonderful puppy, she's playful, kind, quiet, cuddly and loves everyone including her canine buddies. We are currently working on her house training, which she is doing wonderful with along with crate training also and will begin his leash training soon.

Lexie is up to date on her vaccines and was born Dec. 19, 2020. She will weigh around 35-45lbs as and adult.  

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