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 We no longer offer visitors or puppy pick up in our home at this time.

I'm positive your wondering WHY and you should be! 

We have been very grateful and have worked very hard and passionately to become successful with our breeding program. Given our popularity and demand, we are asked daily to welcome visitors into our home to share our wonderful dogs and puppies with them. It is not that we are not hospitable people by nature, because we truly are and we only wish we could guarantee the safety of all our puppies with an open door policy. We have always welcomed families into our home to visit to play with puppies and meet our adult dogs in our living room. Our living room has fabric and hard surfaces, which can harbor viruses and some contagious canine bacteria's. Which we are not willing to risk our babies, pregnant mothers or our adults to. All our dogs and older puppies share and spend most of their time in the living room, kitchen area and about the house with us.


1) Many canine virus's and bacteria's can be easily brought into our home by visitors

unknowingly, most vaccinated adult dogs have a strong immune system in place to protect them from getting one of these virus's and or bacteria's, however puppies do not.  Just like humans its the young, immune compromised or the elderly that can suffer serious illness and death from virus's and or bacteria's.

For example the parvo virus and the canine herpes virus is highly contagious and can be very DEADLY to puppies under 16 weeks of age. Kennel cough is also highly contagious and can be transmitted very easily, though not normally deadly with proper treatment. These are simply risks that we are not to take, given their young age.

2) I can assure you that if we allowed all our purchasing, prospective and meet the breed families visit we most likely wouldn't get much time to spend with our human family or our fur babies, though we are truly grateful that families are asking to visit. Keeping in mind that the average family has approximately 4 family members. For example, say we have a breeding planned and we have 1/2 of the families visit to do an initial meet and greet, that would give about 16 people visiting in a week, once puppies have arrived and if we were to offer a meet and greet when the puppies are 6 weeks of age that would be about 20 people visiting and those same 20 people visiting to pickup their puppies when they are 8 wks. This example is based off of a litter of 8 puppies, given 2 of the 8 may be travailing with the nanny service out of state. For one litter that would give 56 times the risk of exposure for one litter. Would you want your prospective puppy to be visited by 56 times the risk?

3) Our family safety and privacy - Unfortunately we don't live in the same world today that I grew up in. Those of you who are reading this and agreeing with me, most likely understand and shared some of those same years or perhaps before.

My family and the safety of my dogs come first and foremost. Breeders homes have been broken into and have had harm come to them,  not to steal electronics or jewelry but to steal the dogs and puppies that are then sold " on the black market" sorry, lack of a better term. 

4) Lastly and simply Liability, we want to spend our money on our wonderful breeding program,  all our family pets, family and our home. Not on high cost liability insurance, to cover us if someone were to trip over one of the puppies at their feet chewing on their shoe lace and become injured in our home or for a puppy to become accidentally injured.

We have had several visiting adults accidentally drop a puppy. Thankfully we've never had a puppy injured, scared me and the puppy to death for a few minutes.

Many of these thing are taken for granted  or unknown by families that would like to visit.

I can assure you, all our puppy's` and dogs are raised in our loving homes under great care and supervision. We thank you for your understanding,  to be fair to all families, there will be no exceptions, we no longer allow visitors in our home. 

We welcome your request for references and would be happy to provide them including families that have purchased in the past, veterinarian references, Guardian Families and other breeders or professionals who personally know us and our breeding program. 

We understand our adoption and visiting policies are not for all families and would be happy to assist your family in finding a breeder that might work with a more hands on approach.

We have a commitment to our families getting a puppy from us to keep them as safe as humanly possible! I have five loving and wonderful grandchildren that share our passion in helping socialize and share life with our growing puppies.

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