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The responsibilities, duties and daily life of a

Good Breeder.

It takes a big heart, love, time, passion, compassion, devotion, patience, honesty, pride and of coarse money to run a responsible and successful breeding program.

A good breeder must first begin by having natural love for animals. We have always been a family of animal lovers, but I can't thank my grandparents enough for sharing this special gift through their children and with every generation since.  

Before you begin a breeding program, it requires hours and hours of research, education, the willingness to learn from other, to have great breeder friends to support you and to have a shoulders to cry on along the way, as there will always be bumps in the road.

 A breeder should always have as much time and love for people as they have for their dogs and puppies. The willingness to teach, share and educate puppy families should be very important. 


  • Purchasing a dog with breeding rights is much more expensive than the cost of a companion dog, plus travel expenses to get the new breeding prospect puppy to you, importing from over seas is additionally very costly. Just one breeding prospect puppy can be over $6500.00 for an 8 week old puppy bred in the US, depending on the breed, color and generation.

  • Vet exams, vaccines, heartworm prevention, worming, safe flea & tick prevention if and when needed.  

  • Quality diets - every breeder finds which quality diet works well for them, their puppies and adults. None of these diets would be found in the aisles of a grocery store. Most quality diets are sold directly online to breeders and families or in specialty pet food stores.

  • Proper exercise and training - keeping our dogs mentally and structurally sound, takes time and money.

  • Supplements, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics to help support proper health, growth and development.

  • Health Screening - every purebred dog has recommended health screening per it's Parent Club for example "The Poodle Club of America" and "Golden Retriever Cub of America". Being a responsible Doodle breeder requires the testing recommended for both breeds. Which for many Doodle hybrids can cost almost double that of a purebred depending on the two foundation breeds. All our work, research, hopes, prayers, money and dreams go into our dogs passing all their health and personality testing. If they fail any part they are spayed or neutered and placed with a wonderful family as a companion at a very reduced adoption fee $200.- $1000.00 or released to their Guardian Family.  

Important Update - effective Feb. 3rd 2021

For families on or planning to go on our Master Waiting List, we will email each family as a litter of puppies are born that fits your size, colors, timing & wishlist as close as possible. This email will ask your family if you would like to get a puppy from this litter, a picture of the litter will be attached and IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REMAIN ON THE MASTER WAITING LIST for the next litter that matches your Puppy Adoption Questionnaire.

You must reply to the email within 24 hours as to which you would like to do, if not you will be removed from the Master Waiting List and placed on an unposted pending waiting list. If a family passes after being offered two different litters that fits your submitted Puppy Adoption Questionnaire information provided to us, your family will be removed unless otherwise approved by us do to unforeseen circumstance.

All waiting list deposits are non refundable.  If you would like to be removed from our list do to unforeseen circumstances and be placed back on the list at a later date, we must be notified promptly by email.

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