How to Adopt a Keepsake Goldendoodle Puppy 

1) Please do some research to help familiarize yourself with the breed. We will have links on our educational page to help you. 

This is a big decision, make sure everyone in the family is up for it and excited about getting a new puppy. "Not just because one of your children have been begging you for a puppy and their now old enough to care for a puppy." The puppy will do best if everyone shares the responsibility
of caring for it. 
Puppies need house breaking and training that require lots of patients, practice and consistence. From positive family members and positive training techniques.
The puppy will also require - supplies (quality food, food and water dishes, crate, bed, leash, collar, collar ID, county license, brushes, comb, etc.....) veterinary visits every 
4wks. to booster their vaccines through 4 months of age, spay/neuter mandatory at (6-8 months of age), training classes $90.00 - $150.00 per six week group session (one six week group class is not enough training) 

2) Please visit our Upcoming Litter page, you will find the following information. 

Pictures of each parents, Parent’s weight
Parent’s generation or breedGeneration the puppies will be 
Approximate weight the puppies will be as adults
The colors we expect the puppies to be on each waiting list 

3) All families must have a phone interview with us before being placed on a waiting list.

 This is to ensure that a Goldendoodle is a good match for your family. We ask that you make a complete list of questions before calling. We want to be able answer any questions you may have in our conversation. We will as well share about ourselves and our breeding program.

4) If we all decide that a Goldendoodle puppy would be a great match for your family. 

We will then email you the Consultation/Waiting list form or Holding deposit list form, a copy of the sales contract for you to review and information about the Snuggle Puppies. Once we have received your deposit, deposit form, How to Adopt forms, family biography (your family’s activity level, children and their ages, small or large home, small or large yard, fenced or not, ect...) a biography of other pets you currently own and wish list (preferred sex, color, size). We will then place you on one of our waiting lists. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, a deposit can be transferred (upon our approval) to a upcoming litter with available openings for up to two years.
Puppies are placed based upon the puppy’s personality to the family’s personality, we match each family and puppy as close as possible. We evaluate each litters personality at 7 weeks of age. Once the puppy evaluations have been made, we then use each family’s biography to help match the right puppy with each family. The wish list is used in the event that several puppies match several families. The family that is on the waiting list first will have their wish list taken into consideration first
If you want a particular color, size, sex or coat type we can help advise you as to which upcoming litter would most likely have what you are looking for. Please keep in mind that we make these suggestions to the best of our ability, but we can’t guarantee what each litter can possibly look like. We will not place a puppy based upon color or markings PERIOD.
  We can’t guarantee any puppy to be hypoallergenic or not to shed. We have successfully placed puppies with allergy families with no problems. However, every person’s allergies are different, such as shedding, dander, saliva and more. If your family has allergies it's best to introduce that family member to multiple Goldendoodles of different generations and coat types. Unfortunately visiting our dogs in our home is not going to work as we groom and board family’s dogs that are not allergy friendly.
  All of our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. Failure to have your puppy spayed/neutered between 6 to 8 months of age will result in your puppy’s health guarantee being void. Proof of spay or neuter must be provided to Keepsake Goldendoodles within 30 days of procedure in writing. Failure to spay or neuter your puppy prior to 9 months of age will require purchaser to pay seller three times the purchase price. Our puppies are sold as family pets and does not convey with breeding rights. All of our puppies are microchipped and the cost of the chip and the veterinary service of implanting the chip are included in the purchase price of your puppy. However, there is a $20.00 fee to enroll your family’s information and puppy’s information into AKC Reunites database for as long as you remain the owner of your puppy. This fee is now included in the purchase price of your puppy.

5) Upcoming litters - Once your placed on our waiting list, we will email all the families, once the breeding has taken place and when we know that Mom is pregnant. We will email our families on that waiting list to announce her expecting litter.

6) Waiting list - Please keep in mind that we estimate how many puppies each mom will have. On occasion, there will not be enough puppies for the families on the waiting list. In this case your family would be moved to our next available spot on a future litter that fits your family. There's also the possibility that a mom may have more puppies than we estimated. If so we will then be able to accept more families on the list for that litter. If a family would like, you can become a standby on a litter.

7) Meet and Greets - We have many families inquire about meet and greets in our home. For the safety of our puppies, adults and family, we no longer offer meet and greets. Please keep in mind that most of our puppies have deposits on them and we are responsible to keep them and our family as safe as possible. We are also a normal family that has many other commitments, we groom and board privately for our local family’s puppies/dogs and the children/grandchildren that are very involved in 4-H and shooting sports.
We are more than happy to provide references from families that own our puppies as well as veterinary references. Please feel free to join our Facebook page at Keepsake Goldendoodles. You will get to see many of our families share pictures and fun times with their puppies. We post most of our puppies, adults, available Guardian puppies and litter announcements on our Facebook page as well as our website. 

8) Breeder Choice and right of refusal - We reserve the right at all times to keep puppies from any litter and may have to bump a family to a future litter if needed.
We reserve the right to refuse the sale or refund a deposit of a puppy at any time to any family/person that we feel is in the best interest of us, you or the puppy.
9) Nanny Service – For our families traveling 4 or more hours, arrangements can be made for a nanny service with a team of Nanny’s. Our Nanny’s at VIP SHIP PET, have years of experience being flight attendants and have delivered puppies for us as well as fellow breeders. Our Nanny’s are awesome, the puppies are with them at all times, they travel with them with great care. Each puppy that our Nanny’s deliver, travels in cabin with them and are personally delivered to you at your local airport. This service would help reduce travel time for your family, travel expenses and can be less stressful for your new puppy. Please keep in mind that the puppies will have only experienced one car ride to our veterinarian prior to coming home. Stopping for potty breaks traveling by car can possibly expose your new puppy to parasites and potentially harmful viruses if not done properly. VIP Ship Pets current fees are $400.00 for Eastern US and $500.00 for Western Us. The Nanny fee is paid to them in CASH ONLY upon delivery. Feel free to visit their website at Please let us know if you would be interested in this service in advance.  

10) Meeting you for pick up – We offer to meet any of our families that are over an hour away from us to pick up their puppy. Driving distance will be determined based upon where your family lives. This helps reduce the stress for the puppy when they go home. This service is offered to minimize stress for the puppy as well as lessening the number of stops needed for puppy potty breaks for your travels. All families traveling any distance by car with their puppy will be provided a detailed instruction sheet for how to safely travel and stop if needed for your puppy. This also provides a more flexible pick up date and time for you.

11) Puppy pick-up day - We will schedule one day only for puppy pick-up day with assigned 30-minute appointment. The puppy pick-up day will most likely be the weekend following the litters 8-week birthday. Families that are unable to pick up on that day and/or appointment time, we will then schedule a day and time to drive to meet you that is convenient for everyone. There is road construction everywhere, please be aware of it in order to allow a little extra time for your travels, as there will be other families picking up their puppy throughout this day.

______________________________________________ Date _______________________
Buyer understands and agrees to our adoption policy
By signing above, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understand our placement/adoption policy. Please return all three pages of this agreement with your waiting/consultation deposit agreement, deposit, family biography and wish list