Guardian Dogs/ Puppies Available
Our Guardian/Foster program is so we can allow our dogs to have the best possible life/home while we are able to provide a quality breeding program for our Goldendoodles, this being said is how the Guardian program comes into action. We place our pick puppies from our litters into the Guardian homes with no adoption fee, so we can continue to improve the health and temperament of our Goldendoodles .  We feel that by placing our puppies into Guardian homes, they are able to live with their families as a companion pet while we are still able to continue to improve the health and temperament (most important) and also size and style of the breed.  

The dog is raised with your family to love and keep as a family member during and even after the Guardian contract is over.  It allows local families to have a puppy without paying for it, as long as the family is approved to be a Guardian/Foster home and agrees to abide and complete the contract agreement and its policies.  

Guardian homes MUST have the following accommodations for the dog
  • Own their own home
  • Have a car to transport the dog
  • Be willing to crate and house train the puppy. Crate training must continue till Guardian contract is complete. 
  • Guardian dogs must attend and pass obedience training classes. They need be trained to sit stay, down stay, come when call(Recall), walk on a loose leash and be well mannered with people/children and other dogs. They must remain crate trained through the guardianship period. Must be acclimated to new environments such as the people park, family members and friends homes you are visiting etc.... 
  • All guardian puppies must be enrolled in training by 4 months of age.
  • Afford to provide proper supplies (examples -wire crate, toys, bed,.....), same quality food we feed, Frontline Plus (flea prevention), Heartworm prevention, Veterinary care - routine, emergency - sickness or injury. We cover veterinary care only for breeding related health screening and DNA testing.
  • Be prepared to have vet listed as a reference.
  • Fenced yard preferred to contain Guardian dog. Our Guardian dogs can be placed in homes with out fencing, however the guardian dog is never allowed off leash or left unsupervised. (EVER)
  • Be available to drive dog to and from our home for any breeding, vet appointments and whelping
  • Keep us updated on any changes in dogs health or progress via email, text or phone 
  • Be willing to socialize the dog and take to as many activities as possible
  • Must live within 3 hours driving distance of Norton, OH. for female/dog guardian puppies. Male guardian puppies/dog must live within 1 1/2 hrs driving distance form Norton, OH.
       You must be willing to drive to us when the Guardian dog is needed.​
  • Prior pet ownership preferred but not mandatory.

Please feel free to ask any questions if you might have.
Please feel free to give us a call for more detailed information about available or upcoming Guardian puppies. 

Robin 330-620-8305
We will have several Mini Goldendoodle puppies available this Fall/Winter 2017-2018 for Guardian Homes.

​Please see below for more details about being a Guardian Home.
 Petite  F1  "Kiara"  female is available for Guardian Family, she is a very sweet playful and loving girl. She has been started on house breaking.
She is expected to be 20-25 pounds as an adult.