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This website has lots of great information and education.
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Plucking ear hair example Video
This must be done regularly to prevent ear infections. Please have this done by a trained professionally. 
All Goldendoodles should be proffessionally groomed every six weeks.

 Proper brushing and combing in between grooming appointments at home is imperative. Please never bath your doodle at home and allow them to air dry, with most doodle coats, this will promote tangles and matting. Use a human or dog dryer on medium heat and brush while thoroughly drying the coat.
 Keep in mind that your groomer is not a miracle worker if your doodle gets to tangled, the groomer will have no human choose than to recommend they be shaved down and regrow their coats. Also keep in mind, keeping your dog tangle free between grooms is your responsibility.  Doodles that have to be shave down to regrow their coat can cause the following things to happen, Change in coat color(most likely forever), change in coat texture (possibly forever) and can create skin sensory changes till coat regrows.

 Through my years of professional grooming, we may have a family that would share a picture of a particular style or haircut of another Doodle they like. Keep in mind with Doodles being a Hybrid breed it can be vary hard to get that same look. Depending on coat curl, coat density as well as many other factors.

For our first time dogs owners, please keep in mind that grooming services should include a tip, if you and your dog are happy with their services.