Meet our Boys
Sprout - Minature Poodle
Red Parti / 15 pounds

Ash - Toy Poodle
Blue Merle Phantom
10 pounds
+/+ Curl F/F Furnishings

Maverick - Mini Multi Gen. 
Red/Apricot Abstract
(-/- Curl) (F/F Furnishings)
27 pounds
Maverick lives with a loving guardian family
Maverick is a Penny and Winston son​

Jax - Minature Multi. Gen.
Red Abstract / 35 pounds
(-/- Curl) (F/IC Furnishings)
Parents - ​Penny x Winston
Jax lives with a loving guardian family 

Happy - Minature English Multi. Gen.
Red Sable Phantom 35 pounds
(​+/- Curl) (F/F Furnishings)
Happy lives with a guardian family, whom has done a wonderful job raising Happy, Sawyer and Colby. Happy's family has also done a wonderful job training him. He is now a Certified Therapy Dog and is sharing his kindness with the elderly.

Freddy - F1b
Apricot Abstract
 19 pounds
(+/+ Curl) (F/IC)

Freddy lives with a loving guardian family who's mom is Veterinary Assistant

Parents Bean x Dexter

AKC Minature Poodle
Chocolate Merle
(+/+ Curl) (F/F Furnishings)
Will be about 16 - 18 pounds
Finn - Minature Multi. Gen.
Beige Abstract 
20 - 25 pounds as an Adult
 (+/- curl F/F Furnishings)

Aspen - F1bb
Red Abstract
 will be about 25- 30 pounds
(Curl) (F/F)

Tucker - F1bb
Red Parti 
 will be about 25 - 30 pounds
( Curl) (F/F)

Aspen's brother

Austin - Multi Generation
 will be about 30 - 35 pounds
(+/- Curl) (F/F)

He's a Rosie and Kaneki son

Colt - AKC Minature Poodle
Choclate Sable Parti
15 pounds

We co-own Colt with our great friends at
​Doodles and Poodles
Colt lives with Kelly at Stagecoach Doodles and Poodles
Tucker & Aspen
Colby - Petite/Mini English Multi Generation
Dark Apricot Abstract he
 will be about 25 pounds
(+/- Curl) (F/F)

He's a Bean and Happy son
Colbly lives with a wonderful guardian family

Sawyer - Petite Multi Generation
Black Brindle 
  about 20 pounds
(+/- Curl) (F/IC)

He's a Bean and Jax son
Sawyer lives with a wonderful guardian family with Happy and Colby

Gibbs- Petite/Mini English F1bb
Blue Merle Phantom Tuxedo 
 he will be about 25 pounds
(+/- Curl) (F/F)

He's a Juneau and Ash son

Dexter - Minature F1 Goldendoodle
Abricot Abstract 35 pounds
Sire of Keepsake's Freddy​
Parents Ginger x Sprout