Welcome to Keepsake Golden Doodles

We are located in Norton, Ohio near Akron.

  I have been breeding and showing AKC dogs for 30 years and worked at Medina County Animal Clinic for 10 years. I'm the proud Grandmother of five wonderful grand children whom help play a big role in our puppy socialization. I currently have been Breeding and showing AKC Havanese for the past 13 years and have been the proud owner of multiple AKC bred by Champions.  Please visit our Havanese website  www.monarch-kennel.com . 
 Heather has helped us groom, assisted in caring for our puppies and attended many dog shows with us over the past 10 years.  We also offer grooming and boarding to our local families dogs in our home.

  We have choosen to continue our journey in dogs to include the Goldendoodles.  Some of my AKC show friends will ask why we would choose to breed Goldendoodles (Designer Breed). My answer will be first, that every AKC breed is made up of the genetics of other breeds to form what they are today or will become in the future. The Golden Doodles have many of the same attributes our Havanese do intelligent, fun, playful, wonderful therapy dogs and make loving companions that can have low to no shedding coat.

 We worked on our Goldendoodle breeding program for 4 years before planning our fist litter.
Spending much of this time researching and finding the right Golden Retriever and Poodle lines to start with. Our wonderful mentor Melissa Farmer, breeder and owner of Farmer Doodles has been and continues to be of great help.

 Our Golden girls are of  English and American bloodlines and are from multiple generations of health screening and have beautiful coat and structure. Our poodles come from a mix of AKC and UKC show lines and have a beautiful soft plush wavy textured coat. 
The health, temperament and beauty are the back bone of our Havanese and Goldendoodle breeding programs.
 Health testing and temperment are very important to us. All our dogs are health tested prior to being bred. Our puppies are socialized with children, adults and other dogs.
   Our dogs are raised in our home and are a part of the family, where they enjoy the comfort and attention they deserve.